This is my second WordPress blog.  My other blog is called It’s Diplomacy, Dawg and it contains my musings on the game Diplomacy.

Originally I intended to include my non-Diplomacy moans and comments on that site too but I decided that it would make much more sense to split the two.  Hence Mumbling through Marshmallows.

Originally I was going to name this blog “Fluffy Bunnies” but it seems there is already another WordPress site with that name.  I must look it up sometime.

Fluffy Bunnies is a messy party game.  The players take it in turns to put a marshmallow into their mouths and say “fluffy bunnies”.  The winner is the player who can fit most marshmallows inside and still say the phrase clearly.

As for the blog, the idea is that I will be writing about anything and everything that I find interesting.  Hopefully I’ll be at least fairly clear in what I’m trying to say but, well, reading is the only way to find out, I guess.

There is no real theme, though, so it may be that, collectively, the blog makes little sense.

You’ll have to let me know.